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When I Cease To Be

Round this worid, rich and and,
Let’s look. What will surveys reveal?
The towers built a goodly deal
By Alexander and Jamshid.

Lions and tigers haunt the wild
In forests luminous and green.
Dew~amp meadows next are seen,
Creeks and springs with water mild.

From nothing did the Lord create.
Mountains are the lords of earth:
Ask them, they’ll talk of Noah’s birth
About them prayers congregate.

Rejoice, untruthful world, rejoice I
Both gay and sad men fade away:
Soon only lofty hills will stay
With snow drifts blocking sight and voice.

Cloud round their peaks will not disperse
Or dissipate their upward thrust.
Nor shall Time grind them into dust
Or frost disrupt their groves diverse.

No single hamlet will remain:
Only gardens to behold
Where virgins once had sweetly strolled
And nightingales trilled their refrain.

Whoever lives will soon in graves have lain;
Says Makhtumkuli1 death devours all sins.
The sky remains1 while earth in orbit spins.
The sun will rise and set1 moon wax and wane….

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